Ruffin Says: "Give Coach Swinney a Raise"

Late last night the Tigers picked up a commitment from the Seminole's backyard. Coach Dabo Swinney took the late night call from Tallahassee standout Quentez Ruffin. "They should give Coach Swinney a raise. I'm glad he's the guy recruiting me. He's a great guy," said Ruffin. Read more about his commitment in this Q&A with

How did you notify the coaching staff about your commitment?
Quentez Ruffin: I called Coach Swinney last night around 12:30 or close to one. He was awake. I just told him that out of everywhere I had been over the summer, I liked it best at Clemson. I told him they made me feel at home.

Why did you decide to go ahead and commit to the Tigers?
Quentez Ruffin: I have the opportunity to go to a great school. I know I will get a good degree at Clemson. I will have an opportunity to play early in my career.

What was the reaction of Coach Swinney to your late night call?
Quentez Ruffin: He was ecstatic. He actually woke up his wife to tell her.

Have you had a chance to talk with Coach Bowden?
Quentez Ruffin: I talked with Coach Bowden earlier today. He said he was very glad I made the decision I did. He said I would be very happy there.

How did your discussions with your parents influence your decision?
Quentez Ruffin: My dad preferred that I make a decision before the end of summer. Over the course of the past week they told me to pray about it and follow my heart. They said to make the decision that was best for me. They supported me in my decision.

What do you think the reaction of your friends will be when they hear you are leaving the state?
Quentez Ruffin: I haven't talked to any of my friends yet. Today has been crazy.

How does it feel to have the decision process complete?
Quentez Ruffin: I'm actually relieved. Now I will not have to answer 30 calls per night. I will end up going somewhere I would really like to go. I've already made the biggest decision I will ever have to make in my life. Now I can focus on my senior year and winning the state title. I can also focus on academics.

Do you plan to see the Tigers play some this fall?
Quentez Ruffin: I might come up for the Georgia Tech game because it's an 8:00 night game. I can drive up late after my game or early the next morning. I will also see Clemson play against Florida State.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding offensive lineman from Florida, right up through signing day 2005. Top Stories