Tigers Play the Waiting Game

An announcement should come sometime today on whether or not the Tigers will be invited to play in the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho. We'll have the latest as the situation develops.

Louisiana Tech (7-4), which finished first in the Western Athletic Conference, will face one of four at-large teams the bowl is considering--UCLA (7-4), Mississippi (7-4), Clemson (6-5) or Boise State (8-4).

Because the Humanitarian is held on Boise State's home field, the Broncos are the most desirable team to bowl officials, who tried to swing a three-way deal to move Louisiana Tech to the Independence Bowl in place of a Southeastern Conference team. Mississippi would have gone to the Silicon Valley Classic and Arkansas to the Humanitarian to face Boise State, which would have become the WAC representative.

UCLA's main advantage over Mississippi and Clemson is its West Coast ties.

"If you asked people in Boise who they want to see, it's UCLA," said Gary Beck, the Humanitarian executive director. "There is familiarity, it's easy to get here from L.A. and the Pac-10 is the major conference in the northwest. Those are the positives."

The negatives are UCLA's well-earned reputation for not having many fans follow the team to a bowl and ambivalence on the part of Bruin officials. In other words, it's a money problem.

The Humanitarian will require teams to stay in Boise from Dec. 26-31 and sell a minimum of 5,000 tickets at $33 apiece.

With the Clemson being one of the best travelling teams in college football, surely we could squeeze at least 5,000 fans up there for a bowl game on New Year's Eve.

You can contact the Humanitarian Bowl and tell them that Tiger fans travel better than any other team in college football:

Gary Beck

By Email: glbeck@qwest.net
By Phone: (208) 424-1011
By Fax: (208) 424-1121

Let them know that it would be a big mistake to take any other school!

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