Maryland QB Still Listing Clemson

Germantown (Md.) Northwest quarterback Ike Whitaker was a wanted man over the summer, with teams asking him to visit camp and hopefully come away with an offer. After looking at several schools, Whitaker is close to making a decision.

QB Ike Whitaker
6-4, 205, 4.5
Northwest High School
Germantown, Maryland

"I'm close, really close," says the 6-foot-4, 205 pounder. "It is still just Virginia Tech, Florida, Clemson, Maryland, and West Virginia. They are all pretty equal."

Whitaker will decide before the season starts, and wants to make sure he ends up in the right fit.

"I want to make it as soon as possible. They are all good programs, but I will decide before the season. I want good coaching staffs, I want to make sure the coaching, not necessarily has been together, but is going to be there for a while. Location is not a big deal. I would like to get to talk to the players and see how it really is, because coaches can tell you anything."

After visiting, Whitaker feels as though he has talked to enough players at several schools. "At Virginia Tech I talked to a lot of players, at Florida I talked to a lot of players, Clemson not really, West Virginia not really, Maryland I talked to a lot of players."

The current depth chart will play a factor in Whitaker's decision, but players in his class of 2005 will not have a big impact.

"Not really. I know my ability, I know how hard I work. If I like the school, then I like the school; I think I pretty much can compete with anybody. Top Stories