Freshmen Jersey Numbers Assigned

Here's a look at the jersey numbers assigned to the incoming freshmen on the football team. Also noted are several changes for some of the younger players on the team after several key seniors graduated last year.

10- QB Cullen Harper
11- QB Tribble Reese
21- CB Brandon Croley
22- RB Chris Clemons
25- DB Michael Hamlin
26- WR La'Donte Harris
34- DB Adrian Kindred
41- LB Alex Pearson
45- LB Courtney Vincent
57- OL Tony Willis
58- OL Taylor Tremel
71- OL Bobby Hutchinson
78- OL Barry Richardson
80- WR Aaron Kelly
85- WR Andrew Diomonde
90- DL Akeem Robinson
96- DE Xavier Littleberry
97- DT Dorrel Scott

* Roy Walker has taken Kevin Youngblood's old number 17. Chris Jefferson has taken over Aaron Hunt's old number #19. Top Stories