Dustin Fry Interview

Mark Ellington of InsideCarolina.com had the chance to speak with Dustin Fry after his visit to Chapel Hill this past weekend.

Dustin, how did your visit go last week?
Dustin Fry – It was good. I had a lot of fun.

Could you tell me when you arrived and walk through your visit?

Fry – I arrived on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, my dad was on a business trip and my mom did not want to go up there alone so I went by myself. My friend Chase Page was my host for the weekend and I really enjoyed spending time with him. We went to the football game that afternoon and I liked watching the game. Saturday night I spent more time with Chase and on Sunday, it was basically academic day which got to be a little boring. They pretty much kept us full of food the whole time. I don't think we went two hours without eating.

What did Coach Bunting say to you?
Fry – He said that they are recruiting me as a center and that I have a chance to play right (away) next year although he could not promise anything. I like talking to Coach Bunting. He doesn't BS.

Who else do you plan on visiting?
Fry – Clemson, South Carolina, and Maryland.

Would you say UNC's chances improved after your visit?
Fry – Yes, I'd say that but I want to take my other official visits to compare.

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