Clemson Fans...Best in the World!

Sunday evening as I sat down to write this article, I was planning on writing a "State of the Union Address" in terms of Clemson Football. I was going to mention where we are in reference to where we all want to go, and I was going to bring up such imagery of a boxer getting up every time he's knocked down, or describe how even stocks that are the stongest climbers still dip now and again on their way to the top.

I was going to finish by emploring ALL Tiger fans to take a step back, look at the big picture, and see that Clemson Football is a program on the rise back to prominence. All these things are true, but I thought I would sit back and watch how the bowl game unfolded.

My what a difference a day makes. (or 3 for that matter).

What happened was nothing short of remarkable. Clemson as a fanbase has take some serious punches over the past 6 months. Some of them were deserved, while others were simply cheap shots taken by rival fans or members of the media who for whatever reason just do not like the Clemson Tigers. Talk about a boxer getting up off the canvas. The entire Clemson family stood up, put their mouthpiece back in, and launched an attack like the state of Idaho has never seen. Most people in Idaho had probably never even heard of Clemson, and if they had they probably had no idea where it is. I can guarantee you one thing, the entire city of Boise knows all about Clemson now.

Gary Beck's poor fax machine will never be the same.

Whether people think Woody is the man or if they thought Willie is the next Dan Marino, whether they thought Reggie was the messiah or the anti-christ, they dropped what they were doing, put their opinions aside and set the Boise phone lines on fire.

Everybody pulled together for the benefit of Clemson University.

And isn't that how it should be people?

We're all here because we love our Clemson Tigers. We are the best fans in the world, we just haven't acted like it at times. The reality of a Tiger team not making a bowl brought everyone together, and reminded me that the best fans in the state wear orange.

Let's keep it that way in Boise and show Idaho what our brand of fanaticism really is. May they never forget the time they invited those crazy Clemson people to their little bowl game. And let's keep it up next year, all year from Athens to Death Valley and everywhere else we go.

Good job Tiger fans, enjoy the bowl game, enjoy seeing Woody one last time. You earned it.

UPDATE: This author's thoughts and prayers go out to Akil Smith, Travis Zachary and their families. These young men are people who made a grave mistake and are going to have to face the consequences. Regardless of the gravity of their errors, they are members of the Tiger family and we should wish the best for them. Top Stories