JackSmack: Issue #27

Well Tiger fans, it looks like we finally got ourselves into a bowl game. That's not easy for a (6-5) ACC team, so I really don't care who we're playing or where we are playing at. I am really just happy to see us in one. So, December 31st at 12:30 p.m. EST, we play in the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho against Louisiana Tech.

Woody looked good in the win over Duke with 5 TD's and he also became the first player in NCAA history to pass for 2000 yards and rush for 1000. That's as great as our defense is bad. 31 points to Duke. Jeez! But I guess we got a couple of idiots on the offensive side, too. I'm sure by now you have seen that Travis Zachary and junior tackle Akil Smith were kicked off the team and are facing charges of distribution of marijuana. Way to go guys.

Nationally, in college football, I guess you think I need to apologize to Tennessee fans for calling them the lady Vols and making Florida my pick of the week. Not until you beat LSU. Clausen and the rest of the team better get the roses out of their mouths and think about the Bayou Bengals. Rohan Davey, Josh Reid, and company are no pushover. I still like my Florida pick last week; Tennessee did what it had to do: let Travis Stephens run and play it's best game of the year, and they did on both sides of the ball. Grossman's still my Heisman winner, but I bet Dorsey gets it.

Speaking of the ‘Canes, boy, did they survive. How on God's green earth did that receiver drop that 2-point conversion? Texas blew their shot and it was so deserving. Major Applewhite has been the best QB at Texas for the last 3 years, but since Chris Simms chose (I think they paid him and that's why he's starting) Texas over Tennessee, he got the job, and it wasn't by performance. Due justice for Tennessee to open up the Rose Bowl and then for the ‘Horns to blow it.

Other college football news:
Maryland is in the Orange Bowl. Good for them.

BYU is out of the BCS. They deserve it. They played no one.

Offensive coordinator Mark Mangino (big fat dude) at Oklahoma is now the new head coach at Kansas.

Notre Dame fires Davie. No kidding. Didn't see that one coming.

And the tough luck award has to go to Doak Walker candidate Luke Staley, the RB for BYU. After 150 yards Saturday, he broke his leg on the final drive of the game. Ouch is right.

So after my 1-2 performance last week in picks with my only win coming from LSU's cover, I'll attempt redemption. I'm not gonna jump on the bandwagon. I'm taking LSU (+7) against the Vols in the SEC Championship Saturday Night. No matter who makes it to the Rose Bowl, at least I now know I'm forced to root for Miami come January 3.

Clemson Soccer fans, we are in the final 8, and host Indiana this weekend trying to get to the final four. We beat UAB 3-2 in 2 overtimes last weekend. Go Tigers!

On to the NFL, where last week in my picks I went 2-1. The Bucs won, but didn't cover. The Rams were an easy cover, as was my pick of the week, Miami.

The Rams went to (9-2), routing the Falcons, and dropping them to (6-5). The Steelers went to (9-2) after posting a big lead and then hanging on against the Vikes. They did lose Bettis for at least this week against the Jets (shouldn't matter) to a groin strain. They now have the best record in the AFC because Oakland, now (8-3) got beat by Arizona, yes, Arizona, who is now (5-6) and thinking about a playoff run. The ‘Niners also won big to go to (9-2) while Chicago escaped that feisty Lions team to get to (9-2) as well.

Miami, who got to (8-3), dropped the Broncos to (6-6), and now lead the NFC East. That's because the Brady-led Pats (7-6) came back to beat the Jets, dropping them to (7-5). The Ravens won the 5th game in their last 6 to get to (8-4). Green Bay, with another Favre comeback got to (8-3) Monday Night. The Titans are trying to get back in the playoff picture as they whipped the Browns in Cleveland to get to (5-6). The Brownies are now (6-5).

The Redskins blew their 5 game winning streak against the Cowboys. What the…? Seattle and Tampa both survived upset bids to get to (6-5).

Teams who can't afford an upset loss this weekend for differing playoff scenarios are: the Titans, Giants, Raiders, Eagles, Broncos, and Dolphins.

With the NY Jets now sitting on the bubble, here's my top ten: (last week's ranking in parentheses)

1) St. Louis (9-2) (1)
2) Pittsburgh (9-2) (3)
3) San Francisco (9-2) (4)
4) Chicago (9-2) (5)
5) Oakland (8-3) (2)
6) Miami (8-3) (7)
7) Green Bay (8-3) (8)
8) Philadelphia (7-4) (9)
9) Baltimore (8-4) (10)
10) New England (7-5) (UR)

Here's this week's big games led off with 2 blockbusters: (*--who I'd take)

Chicago @ Green Bay* (-6 ½) (Favre in Lambeau in December.)

San Francisco @ St. Louis* (-7 ½) (I like the ‘Niners, but I'll take the best show on turf.)

Detroit* @ Tampa Bay (-8 ½) (I don't know if there's a team anywhere the Bucs should be favored this much over.)

Cleveland @ New England* (-5) (The Pats are hot and they're at home.)

New Orleans* (-3 ½) @ Atlanta (The Falcons are doomed.)

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh* (-5) (The defense can handle Curtis Martin, and even without the Bus, I like the Steelers at home.)

Washington @ Arizona* (E) (The loser is out of the playoff race.)

Here are my picks of the week: I like the Lions (+8 ½), Tennessee (E) @ Minnesota, and my take of the week is the Saints (-3 ½).

On to college hoops, where our Tigers put up a fight @ Duke, but fell to (5-2) on the season. This week, we play Wednesday versus App. State, and Saturday versus South Carolina.

So UNC got their 1st win and Doherty looks like he just won the National title. I hate Doherty, I hate their bench, I hate Capel, I hate Lang. I hope it's a long season for the ‘Heels. Arizona looked good last night fending off Frank Williams and Illinois. Kansas looked pretty solid beating an underrated Wake team, and can you believe Iowa lost to Northern Iowa. Top 10 material, eh?

Tonight, you have (4) Florida versus (16) Michigan State. There are 2 good games on Saturday: (19) Alabama @ (18) UCLA and (20) Ball State @ Indiana.

By the by, if Jason Williams isn't the best player in the country, it's got to be Jason Gardner. But for argument's sake, here's my top 8 players in the land in order:

Jason Williams (Duke)
Jason Gardner (Arizona)
Frank Williams (Illinois)
Kareem Rush (Missouri)
Juan Dixon (Maryland)
Rod Grizzard (Alabama)
Jason Kapono (UCLA)
Jared Jeffries (Indiana)

I'm also gonna go on a line and give you an early season elite eight. Here goes: (in no particular order)

Virginia or Wake Forest

Glad to be bowling, go LSU, go Clemson soccer, and everyone have a nice sports weekend.

Agree or disagree? If you have any questions, comments, or barbs, feel free to e-mail me at: jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com

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