Quick Hits with Aaron Kelly

CUTigers.com caught up with freshman wide receiver Aaron Kelly, who has been one of the pleasant surprises so far this year. <BR><BR> The question on everyone's mind at this point is, "Will he avoid a redshirt?"

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden has talked about several of his true freshmen this year that may be ready to come in and contribute right away, and one name always seems to be near the top of his list- wide receiver Aaron Kelly.

CUTigers.com caught up with Kelly earlier today to get his thoughts on the first two days of practice, and where he sees himself in the offense this year.

Coach Bowden has called your name out a few times already this year. Do you feel like you may be ready to step in a play as a true freshman?
Kelly: I really don't want to redshirt, but it depends on how well, and how quickly, I learn the offense. Hopefully I'll be playing but I realize there are some things I still have to work on.

How much of the offense have you been able to understand up to this point?
Kelly: It's only been a few days, but I'm catching on pretty quick. Hopefully that will be good enough to get me into the starting rotation.

What kind of receiver are you? Possession? Long ball? Give us the scoop on your game.
Kelly: I think I bring a combination of both. I've got deceiving speed, but I can be a possession receiver because I catch the ball well and because of my height. I need to put on a little weight and then I'll be ready to play in any kind of role they need me in.

Is that the biggest thing holding you back at this point?
Kelly: Pretty much...developing a little more physically and learning the offense.

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