CUTigers Sneak Peek: Heisman Hype?

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Heisman Hype?
What would it take for Charlie Whitehurst to be considered a Heisman Trophy candidate?

If Charlie Whitehurst is going to have any chance of competing for the Heisman Trophy, he has to lead his team to at least a 10-win season. Statistics show that only on two occasions in the last 10 years, has a Heisman Trophy winner won less than 10 games.

By Roy Philpott

Charlie Whitehurst

Back Ups to Big Time
Looking for a few surprises this year? Look no further than these seven players who you've probably never heard of.

Playing close to 250 pounds, Charles Bennett has turned his hard work in the weight room into success on the field. This spring, he was named the most improved defensive end of spring practice and he also claimed a spot on the first team ahead of senior Vontrell Jamison.

By Roy Philpott

Charles Bennett

Olympic Sport Standouts
Football isn't the only sport at Clemson on the rise.

One of the most impressive individual performances of the year was that of Women's Tennis player Julie Coin, who won the ACC Player of the Year Award.

By Scott Rhymer

Julie Coin

A Changing IPTAY
The past few months have been a boisterous time for IPTAY.

In many ways, the effort to revitalize IPTAY is a reflection of the new energy athletics director Terry Don Phillips has brought to Clemson since taking over in July of 2002.

By Larry Williams

Terry Don Phillips

The Missing Jewel on Saturday
Lake Hartwell has remained an untapped resource for football season.

If there is a model for utilizing water as part of the tailgating experience in college football, one needs look no further than Knoxville where the Tennessee faithful have become famous for their "Vol Navy."

By Scott Rhymer

Lake Hartwell

Playmakers Wanted
Running back is one of several priorities in the 2005 class.

A playmaker is a guy that can score anytime he touches the football. He's a guy that keeps defensive coordinators up at night because of his ability.

By Roy Philpott

Travil Jamison

A Legend Looks Back
Steve Fuller left Clemson as one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in school history.

"Coach Bowden has done a wonderful job," Fuller said. "He's recruited well and, first and foremost, he's graduated players. The kids aren't getting in a lot of trouble. He's not just teaching them football, but he's teaching them how to be good men and how to be productive when they get out of school."

By Brett Jensen

Steve Fuller

Q&A with Haydrian Lewis
Clemson commitment answers 25 questions.

"I always got the most mail from Clemson," said the 6-foot, 175-pounder with 4.5 speed. "They really liked me at their camp and the letters I got from them always said that they really want me to come to play there."

By Robert Thorne

Haydrian Lewis

Did You Know?
Did you know these little known facts about the Tigers' four opponents in September?

Did you know the last time a Clemson kicker connected on a field goal of greater than 50-yards was against Wake Forest in 1997? David Richardson kicked a 52-yarder in a 33-16 Clemson victory at Groves Stadium that day.

By Roy Philpott

Bowden Bowl VI

Also, a national view of football and basketball recruiting from Jamie Newberg and Dave Telep will appear in each issue.

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