Top Georgia QB Listing Clemson

Tray Rutland is a Georgia QB claiming a load of bigtime offers, including one from Clemson. He names a new top 5, and updates his extensive offer list in this report.

QB Tray Rutland
6-2, 180, 4.6
Tri-Cities High School
East Point, Georgia

"I have 21 offers overall now. I like Mississippi State, Clemson, Ohio State, Auburn and North Carolina State the best. All of them have offered me," Tray Rutland said.

What stands out about those 5 schools?

MSU: "They've got me at the top of their list."

CLEM: "I watched their highlight reels and I really liked them."

OSU: "They haven't been known for black QB's but I could go in there and change that."

AU: "My former teammate Tristan Davis goes there."

NCSU: "I just like how their coaches handle things."

What is the Atlanta native looking for most in a school?

"Whether or not they have a Business Management major or an engineering degree is important. It also depends on the program and the situation with the quarterbacks." Top Stories