Quick Hits with Yusef Kelly

With the unexpected loss of Duane Coleman, senior running back Yusef Kelly suddenly finds himself in a position to reclaim a spot on the first team.

After Duane's injury, it looks like you and Reggie are the main guys now at running back.
Kelly: Me and Reggie, we've both been in this situation back when Bernard (Rambert) went down, so we pretty much know what we've got to do. We'll go out there and try to do that.

How did the reps work during practice this morning? Who took the most reps with the first team?
Kelly: I think the first team goes four reps, and I'd usually do about three. Then Reggie would the last one, but there's only three of us, and there's an odd number of reps, so we pretty much tried to balance it out now. We ain't trying to kill ourselves out here. We just tried to split it up.

I know weight was a concern last year about this time, where are you at now with that?
Kelly: Right now I'm at about 230.

Is that your optimal weight?
Kelly: Back when I was about 216 I used to run pretty good myself. (laughing). I was about 242 last year, but I lost that weight before the Georgia game.

Is this like a weird sort of blessing in disguise for you with Duane's injury? Now you get to try and prove yourself as the starter again.
Kelly: It could be like a blessing, but one thing I do know, when he gets healthy, you aren't supposed to lose your job to injury. So when he gets back, he'll probably be up there again.

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