We've got the latest from Ben himself, in this report!">
We've got the latest from Ben himself, in this report!">

Will Clemson Throw to the Tight End in '04?

CUTigers.com caught up with Ben Hall after Monday morning's practice to get his thoughts on a number of topics involving the upcoming season, but most importantly, we wanted to know, "Will the Tigers actually throw to the tight end this year?" <BR><BR> We've got the latest from Ben himself, in this report!

Tell me how fall practice has gone for you so far?
Hall: Great. Just trying to improve the tight end position overall in the offense. Just trying to do my job.

Is this the year the tight end finally becomes more of a legitimate part of the offense?
Hall: I think so, they've got a lot of freshman talent they are trying to groom, and I respect that. For me, I'm the experienced veteran player now. I've really matured...I know the offense and I'll be there when they need me.

Coach Bowden mentioned a few days ago that you're a guy he views as more of a leader on this team, and that you are no longer a problem in the program. What made you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Hall: Basically it just had to do a lot with the experiences I've had since I've been here. You learn a lot and you mature over the years. I realize that this is my last year and you've only got one more shot at doing what you do best- which is play football. I'm just taking it all in and realizing that this is my last year playing college.

Does part of your motivation also stem from the fact that you have the frame and the skills to play in the NFL?
Hall: Yeah, that has a lot to do it- knowing that I have the talent and ability that a lot of guys in the NFL that have gone on to play there. Being in this offense, you have to patient and wait until your number. I guess that's as much as I can do, but when it comes, I know that I've got the confidence to make the play and show a little something on film.

Do you sense anything from practice this year that would indicate you may get the football thrown your way a little more this season?
Hall: I can't say. It's all about being patient. I haven't caught a lot of balls in practice right now. I'm not going to get down about it, but when they do call my number, I'm going to make the play. Hopefully that's going to help the coaches gain confidence right now.

Take me through the depth chart right now at tight end. I know you are on the first team, but who else is in there playing right now?
Hall: Bobby Williamson- me and him have been switching out spots throughout my career. I feel like if I were to go down, he'd be able to step in and pick it right up. Zach Green- he's probably the third team guy right now. He's a good guy, he's got good size and good hands, he just needs to mature more.

The knock on you has always been that you are the better pass catcher, but that Williamson has the better blocker. Have you taken it upon yourself to really work on that aspect of your game?
Hall: Oh yeah. I took it not as an insult, but it as motivation. I wanted to perfect my game so that I could be an all around tight end and be in the game in all situations.

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