Post Scrimmage Comments: Chansi Stuckey

Chansi Stuckey scampered into endzone from 32-yards out today in the Tigers' second scrimmage of fall practice. How did he score and what's in store for him in the offense this season? We've got the answers from Chansi himself, in this report!

Tell me about your big run in today's scrimmage.
Stuckey: It was a reverse, something we had been working on. We run the zone a lot, so we faked the zone. I was coming on the backside and my linemen were out there. The defense was pretty fooled and it was just a nice little 32-yard scamper for a touchdown. It felt good.

Looking ahead to this fall, do you feel like you need to touch the ball a lot in order to get into a rhythm in this offense?
Stuckey: I just need something to give me a little confidence, something that gets you going and makes you feel good. It's different things every game that can get you going. You want to be able to feel fast out there and be able to make a couple of moves. That gets your blood pumping a little bit and gets you going.

Is there anything you are trying to work on specifically right now to give you the best opportunity to make big plays this fall?
Stuckey: The main thing right now is just discipline and routes. Going the right yardage, being in the right place at the right time, making the right move when you read the defensive back.

It seems like that everyone is already comparing you to Derrick Hamilton this year. Is it fair to assume that you've stepped completely into his role in the offense?
Stuckey: Yeah, they are kind of splitting it up between me and Airese. Either way we are going, they just can't focus on one of us. If I'm coming one way, we want Airese coming the other way so we'll mix it up a little bit.

Any way we could see you on one of those trick plays where you could be throwing the ball this year?
Stuckey: (laughing) Maybe, maybe. You'll have to wait and see. Top Stories