Quick Hits with Roman Fry

Perhaps no other player has been talked about more this preseason than offensive lineman Roman Fry. Where will he play? Will he start? What's going on with the offensive line? <BR><BR> CUTigers.com caught up with him yesterday after practice to find out the full story.

Talk a little bit about what positions you played today on the offensive line.
Fry: Well, I played left tackle, left guard, right tackle and right guard. I played in four different spots. We had Tim DeBeer and Marion Dukes down today so that's why I was over there at right tackle. I don't think Marion's injury was too serious.

Are you concerned at all with this unit not being able to come together this year due to all the position changes and injuries?
Fry: A lot of guys have been bounced around, but the good thing is that we get to learn different positions and be more diverse. Not everything is perfect when you get in a game. You've got to have people that have played those spots in practice, and that are diverse enough to get in there and play. I think our guys know enough scheme-wise, and Coach Scott does a good job in teaching us. You know, it's not that big of an adjustment for me to go to left guard or to right tackle.

Yeah, but it is a concern that the five guys you had starting before preseason camp, probably won't be starting against Wake Forest?
Fry: In a perfect world, you'd like to have your first five starting, but that never happens. At least not that I've ever seen. Guys make moves, and positions change. We've got a chance to work together at different spots and Coach Scott has made a point of doing that. You never know what's going to happen. I feel confident in the group we've got here.

Would you feel comfortable stepping in at right tackle should you be called upon this year?
Fry: Honestly, I like playing left. But to step in at right, it's just the opposite. You do the exact opposite things you would do on the left side. I could step in there if needed.

Okay, so if Dukes wouldn't have gone down today, where would you have spent most your time during practice? Guard or tackle?
Fry: Well I started out the day at left guard, then I rotated in at left tackle a lot. Then he moved me in at right guard for a couple of snaps. I think I would have probably rotated there from left guard to right guard, but you'll have to ask Coach Scott...he knows.

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