Quick Hits with Marion Dukes

Right tackle Marion Dukes talks about his eventful week, including the chest pains he suffered on Tuesday, and the complete results back from the tests he went through afterwards.

Take me through what you've been through this week with the chest pains, and then with all the tests during the last 24 hours or so.
Dukes: The day it happened, it scared me. It scared the death out of me. I never had felt anything like that before in my chest. But I had an EKG yesterday and another EKG before in the past. Both of them were kind of similar. I had a stress test today at Oconee Hospital. The tests came back great, and my heart was fine. It was more of a muscular thing. My heart rate, my blood pressure, everything else was just fine.

You had an EKG before...what was that for?
Dukes: Chest pains. I had it before. It was my last year during camp at Pickens. I had an EKG, and they compared it to the one I took yesterday. Everything was normal.

Have they figured out what's caused all of this?
Dukes: I have no idea. They said I have an athletic heart or something like that. That could be the problem. It's a muscular problem. It's not my heart; my blood pressure is good and everything.

So you've been 100% cleared for the season opener against Wake Forest?
Dukes: Right, I practiced full go today. I'm ready to go now.

Do you think it's a concern that there has been so much shuffling on the offensive line up to this point in practice?
Dukes: No, not really. Everybody can play the position. If somebody gets tired, they can just roll somebody else in there that's fresh. That's a good thing. The only bad thing is that we may not be used to be playing with that guy, but I don't look at it that way. We've got more than 5 that can play.

Run us through the depth chart now at right tackle. I know you are on the first team, but how do things look after that?
Dukes: It's me, then Tim DeBeer, then Akeem Robinson. Tim will probably run with me a little bit and the two's, but that's probably it.

Do you get the sense that Akeem Robinson and Barry Richardson are both going to play this year as true freshmen?
Dukes: Yeah, Barry especially. Barry's on first team field goals, so he's going to play. Akeem could see a little bit of playing time, probably not as much as Barry. Akeem needs to put on a little weight because he's kind of small. He's got a good heart and he gives it his all every time. If he just keeps his head up, he'll be really good.

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