Thursday Evening Practice Report

The Clemson Tigers returned to the practice fields again Thursday afternoon in preparation for next Saturday's season opener against Wake Forest. As always, has the latest, live from Clemson University.

Clemson held its last physical practice of the week on Thursday afternoon. The two and a half hour workout with full pads finished with a spirited short yardage scrimmage.

"Today the defense was much improved, it was a 50-50 situation in short yardage," said head coach Tommy Bowden.

"There was good effort and good spirit on both sides. Now some of that was because they could see this was the last tough, physical practice until next week. We will have the Beanie Bowl on Friday, then take Saturday and Sunday off."

Enthusiasm Builds
Head coach Tommy Bowden said today that his team continues to practice with a lot of enthusiasm headed into next week's season opener against Wake Forest.

"I just thought for the fourth straight day, we were out there for almost three hours in full pads in the heat and humidity, and we finished better today than yesterday," Bowden said. "It was a lot more spirited. It's like getting the last day of two-a-days over with."

One of the main reasons for the excitement today is the fact that today's practice marks the last physical practice of the preseason.

Tomorrow, the Tigers will go through their annual "Beanie Bowl," which serves as a dress rehearsal for game day.

Cory Groover Update
JUCO transfer Cory Groover made a great play this afternoon, tipping a pass and bringing it in for an interception.

Bowden said afterwards that Groover is coming along, although he's still making an adjustment from to the overall speed of the college level.

"He can and he needs to," Bowden said when asked if Cory Groover can be a factor for the Tigers this season. "He's gone from a stand up guy to a defensive end to a down lineman. He's just now really learning that position. He's getting better, but he needs to continue to improve."

What is the Beanie Bowl?
One the most frequent questions asked by fans around this time of year is, 'What exactly is the Beanie Bowl?'

Head coach Tommy Bowden answered that in his own words this afternoon.

"It is just like a game," said Bowden. "For the freshman and the redshirts that have been have never been out there. It's pre game- when do they go out and flex? Where do you sit? Substitutions, safeties, overtime situations, two-minute situations. You script every situation that can happen in a game."

Potential injuries and special team situations are also taken into consideration. The Beanie Bowl also takes place in full pads, but is only considered full speed above the waste. Therefore, no players actually hit the ground.

Parting Shots
Bowden will host a dinner for the seniors tonight at his house...The seniors also were able to leave practice early and avoid conditioning...The Tigers will have Saturday and Sunday off...Bobby Bowden coined the phrase 'Beanie Bowl'...The Beanie Bowl lasts approximately two hours...Kelvin Grant missed today's practice with a calf is not serious.

Friday's practice will be the traditional dress rehearsal for game day, which Bowden refers to as the Beanie Bowl. All practices and scrimmages are closed to the general public. Top Stories