Quick Hits with Barry Richardson

CUTigers.com caught up with Barry Richardson to get his thoughts on a number of topics, including the fact that he'll be playing as a true freshman this season at left tackle.

Talk about how preseason camp went for you this year?
Richardson: I thought it went well. I've got a good shot of playing in the game on Saturday. I'm going to play, I just won't start. I should get a few reps though.

When you came to Clemson, did you have any idea that you were going to play this early?
Richardson: No not really. The only thing I thought about is that my coach tried to tell me that I should try and make the travel squad, and that's what I was aiming for.

So he told you to make the travel squad, now it looks like you are going to play in the first game of the season as a true freshman. Do you feel pretty good about that?
Richardson: Yeah. I feel confident you know.

I know you've played on both sides of the offensive line, what position are you playing now?
Richardson: Right now I'm playing left tackle. I was playing right, but they switched me over during the second week of camp. So far, it looks like they are going to keep me there.

Run through the depth chart with me right now at left tackle?
Richardson: It's Jesse Pickens, and then me.

What have the coaches told you specifically about playing against Wake Forest next Saturday?
Richardson: We've been going over their schemes and how their defensive ends move. They are kind of quick, but they've got us prepared for it.

Are you surprised that you are able to come in and do this so early in your career?
Richardson: I am a little surprised. I thought they would have a few more people with some more experience. I think we were lacking a little bit. I guess that's one of the reasons they recruited me.

With all the movement on the offensive line this year with different players switching positions, is that cause for concern at all?
Richardson: I don't think so. Not at all. Those moves are good. Coach Scott knows what he is doing and he makes the right decisions.

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