Quick Hits with Vontrell Jamison

Vontrell Jamison returned to practice last week after suffering a broken arm just two weeks ago. What position is he playing now and how has that arm healed? We've got the answers, in this latest edition of <i>Quick Hits</i>.

How have you been recovering from that broken arm so far?
Jamison: It's going good. I've done everything in practice with the exception of short yardage situations. So it's been good I'd say.

Up to this point in camp, which position have you been playing? Defensive end or defensive tackle?
Jamison: It's been at end. Almost 100%, I've been playing defensive end.

It seems like there has been a lot of talk about you eventually moving to defensive tackle later this year, why do think the coaches are looking at that move?
Jamison: I think one of the biggest things is because of my size. I put on some weight during the offseason and they like that.

Which position are you more comfortable playing? End or tackle?
Jamison: I'm definitely more comfortable at end. That's a more natural position for me. That's kind of where I've always played.

You've had a new coach on the defensive line this year in Ron West, how has that transition been for you?
Jamison: I think it's taken a while to adjust, but we'll be alright by the first game on Saturday. Most of it just involves learning new schemes and stuff like that. It's nothing major, it just takes a while to adjust to change.

With the guys you have coming back up front this year, do you feel like this defense has a chance to pick up where it left off last season?
Jamison: With the guys we've got coming back this year, there's absolutely no reason why we can't pick right up where we left off. No reason. We may have lost some size at different positions, but we've got talent on the first and second team. I'm not worried about it. We just want to pick right up where we left off last season on Saturday.

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