Quick Hits with Chansi Stuckey

CUTigers.com caught up with Chansi Stuckey this week to get his thoughts about making the fulltime switch to wide receiver. Is he ready for Saturday? How does he feel about no longer playing quarterback? Read on to find out!

Chansi, has playing wide receiver been everything you thought it would be up to this point?
Stuckey: It's been really good. I didn't realize how fun playing receiver could be. It's a lot more technique and recognizing coverages and things. It's not just a freelance position that you can do what you want to. Everything is based on timing with the quarterback you know. You could be one step off and its an interception. So it's important to be discipline in your route running and know what's going on.

Last year you guys struggled out of the gate against Georgia. Is there anything you think the team is trying to do different this year for the season opener?
Stuckey: Just try to be a little more focused I think. First impressions are big. This will be the first time we are on TV, it's a 3:30 game so everybody we'll be watching. We just want to make a good impression, and I think we'll do that because we've really prepared hard this week.

Is there anything you've seen from the Wake Forest secondary that you feel like you need to watch out for on Saturday?
Stuckey: Their secondary...they have a really good corner in #9, and their safeties are really good. They are very experienced, not only in the secondary, but really overall. The only thing we can do is just try to read our keys and hope that can give us an advantage.

It's been talked about a lot this offseason, but are you truly the guy that steps into Derrick Hamilton's shoes this year?
Stuckey: Yeah, pretty much. I think both of can get down field and get into the open field. The both of us have similar moves. The one thing is that he's a lot taller than me. I think that is the one thing where we are completely different.

Talk a little bit about what you remember from last year's game in Winston-Salem? What was it like coming off the field after that kind of loss?
Stuckey: It was a really long game and we only got a couple of chances in the first and second half to score. They ate a lot of time off the clock. We actually came on strong near the end. We ended on a pretty good note, but it was a pretty bad loss for us.

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