Clemson Extends Special Invitation

The Clemson Athletic Department has extended an invitation to individuals forced to leave the State of Florida and the south Georgia area due to the mandatory evacuation caused by Hurricane Frances.

Individuals who are traveling or lodging near Clemson because of the mandatory evacuation can secure up to two complimentary tickets for the Clemson versus Wake Forest game on Saturday by producing a valid Florida or Georgia driver's license.

The Clemson Athletic Department wants to extend this gesture of hospitality to those who are experiencing the traumatic results of Hurricane Frances. The State of South Carolina has been affected by these severe weather patterns in the past and understands the emotional turmoil these people are experiencing.

"This is a good faith effort to extend Clemson hospitality to those affected by the storm," said Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips.

Tickets will be available in the athletic ticket office located at Gate 9 at Memorial Stadium beginning at 12:00 noon on Saturday. This gate is located on the north side of the stadium. Free public parking is available in Lot 13, which is located off of Highway 93, as well as Kite Hill, which is located near Highway 76. Top Stories