Quick Hits with Justin Miller

Clemson cornerback Justin Miller talks about Saturday's game against Georgia Tech and also breaks down last Saturday's double overtime win over Wake Forest in this report.

Justin, is it a relief to get the Wake Forest game behind you?
Miller: I mean, I would say yeah because it's the first game and you get your season off to a positive start. That's always big to get things rolling in a positive way.

What kind of problems does Georgia Tech present you offensively this week?
Miller: Well, Georgia Tech is a great team and they have a great quarterback in Reggie Ball. Our main thing is to get out there and execute as a team. We have to make as little mistakes as possible on Saturday and just execute on each side of the ball.

Did it seem like there were some problems on the defense with tackling on Saturday?
Miller: Yeah, I think collectively, we didn't tackle as well as could have. Now, we've got to correct those mistakes throughout the week and just go out there and play a better game this week.

Why do you think that happened?
Miller: I don't know, it was the first game of the season and you can go out there a little too excited and make some mistakes. We need to get the bugs out. As the season goes on, you develop, and you get better as a team.

Everyone on the team has talked about Chansi Stuckey and his development this year. Did he surprise you with his play on Saturday?
Miller: No we expected him to perform. We knew he was a good athlete when he got here. It really wasn't too much of a surprise, he just hadn't had a game experience where he could really get out there and perform.

What else can he do besides receiving?
Miller: He can do a lot. He can still return kicks, he can still throw the ball too. He's just a heckuva an athlete. I think you could probably put him at running back and he could play that if given the opportunity. He's accepted his role and done really well.

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