Quick Hits with Charlie Whitehurst

Charlie Whitehurst talks about some of the big plays from last week's game against Wake Forest, as well as previews what he's expecting from Georgia Tech in this report.

Does a game like last week's win over Wake Forest help build character for this team the rest of the season?
Whitehurst: Yeah I think so. It would have been really bad if we would have lost it. Probably devastating, but now that we won it, it's great. That's kind of how games like that are.

The interception at the goal line last week, what happened on that play exactly?
Whitehurst: I thought that Ben would come underneath, we just weren't on the same page. I'm not saying that he's wrong or I'm right, because the ball shouldn't have been thrown. It was forced, even if it would have been a touchdown, it would have been forced. They gave us a look we really hadn't seen before and we just weren't on the same page. I shouldn't have thrown it.

You ran the ball again a good number of times against Wake Forest, is that something you are entirely comfortable with?
Whitehurst: I'm comfortable with it, but I don't prefer it. (laughing) If you can get five or eight yards on a quarterback draw, it's like stealing. It's a difficult play to defend. I'm not exactly the most comfortable in the open field and when those guys see me out there it's big hit time.

What do you think this Georgia Tech defense brings to the table this year? Surely, the middle of the field won't be open again.
Whitehurst: No I doubt it. It was good to us last year though. They are playing a bunch of different coverages this year and we've got to match up our plays against a good defense. They seem to be more pressure oriented on the quarterback. It seems like they are bringing four and five a good bit more than they did last year.

What finally clicked on the final drive last week?
Whitehurst: Well, there's about six and half minutes left and you look up there and realize that it's your last chance. We know we needed to do something. I mean, guys are trying the whole time. We just put it together there at the end. We made some big plays and started moving the ball. A lot of guys stepped up and really played well for us.

This has obviously been an emotional week for Coach Bowden, is that something you as a team talk about?
Whitehurst: Yeah, it's definitely out there and you feel for him and that's tough. It's all over the newspapers and television. The only thing you can really do as a player is try and put it behind you and try to get your work done even though it's lingering a little bit in all of our minds.

Were you pleased overall with the play of your wide receivers last week?
Whitehurst: Oh I think so. They all stepped up and played well. Airese is the guy that is senior and he's the guy you can count on and he made a lot of big plays. Chansi did what people expected, or at least what we expected and Kelvin made the big play on the two-point conversion, and another play on third down that didn't result in anything. So yeah, they played well and you have to be happy with that. At least I am.

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