Bowden Back for Practice

The Tigers returned to the practice fields today for the final time in preparation for Saturday's game against Georgia Tech. As always, has the latest, live from Clemson University.

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden made it back around 5 o'clock this afternoon for the Tigers' final practice of the week before Saturday's game against Georgia Tech.

Bowden attended the funeral of his ex brother-in-law and nephew earlier this morning.

"I haven't been to a lot of funerals," said Bowden. "Most of them have one casket, this one had two. It makes a little unusual."

Bowden said that it wasn't especially important getting back to practice, but that he felt comfortable with the support that the rest of his family could provide in Florida. "My mother was there, by brother was there with my sister, so she had a lot of family support," said Bowden.

Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden left at the same time as his son to get ready for tomorrow night's game against Miami.

Offensive Line Update
Bowden said that true freshman offensive lineman Akeem Robinson is likely going to see playing time this week against Georgia Tech.

"He's probably going to play," said Bowden. "He could play right or left (tackle) but probably right right now."

Bowden said that one of the keys in determining whether or not he would redshirt his freshman linemen has to do with how fast they could potentially move past their competition.

"You have to look down the road a little bit at his growth potential," said Bowden in regards to Robinson. "Does he have an opportunity to accelerate in three or four weeks past his competition? I think there might be a possibility."

Robinson has worked more with the second team this week than last week.

Parting Shots
Bowden said that he expects his second team offensive linemen to play more this week, including center Dustin Fry...Duane Coleman will probably dress Saturday, but won't play...Bowden also said that he is not sure if he has been medically cleared to play yet...Finally, Bowden said it was a possibility that Brandon Pilgrim could redshirt this year, but that is was still too early to tell...He is currently listed on the "second and a half" team at guard. Top Stories