Battle Looking Forward to Visiting Clemson

Roderick Battle is one of Georgia's top defensive linemen, and he has narrowed his list to three schools. One of them will get to host him this weekend, as he will be on hand for the conference opener. Where will he be this weekend and is he close to a decision?

DE Roderick Battle
6-4, 245, 4.75
Douglass High School
Atlanta, Georgia

"I will be up at Clemson this weekend," says Roderick Battle. "This will be an unofficial visit to Clemson. I am really looking forward to it."

Since the last time we spoke to Battle, he has picked up yet another offer. Who is the latest offer from?

"I got an offer from Coach Croom and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. They offered me a week or so ago."

The phone has been ringing quite often since September first, when the coaches are first allowed to call prospects. Who all has called Battle?

"All the schools that have offered me have called. Of my top three schools, I talked to Coach Burns of Clemson, Coach Garner of Georgia and Coach Price of Auburn. One team that has come on strong lately is Oklahoma. They have called me and sent me a lot of mail. That is really the only new team recruiting me."

Battle has been saying for a month or so that he would like to end his recruitment soon, is that still the case?

"Yes sir, I would like to. I am still not sure when though. I just want to make sure I make the right decision before giving someone my word. I may have a decision within the next couple of weeks, but I may wait until after I take some official visits too. I am honestly just not sure. If I feel right about it and am one hundred percent sure of my choice, then I will make a commitment."

His top three are still, Clemson, Georgia and Auburn, but does he have a leader?

"I would say Georgia and Auburn are tied for the lead and slightly ahead of Clemson."

Clemson may have their shot to turn Battle their way this weekend when he visits Death Valley. What other games does Battle plan to see this Fall?

"I plan to see Clemson/GT Saturday, then Auburn/ LSU the following week and then I plan to see Georgia take on LSU, Tennessee and Georgia Tech."

Sidenote: Not only will Clemson get their shot to impress Battle, but his teammates, Brandon Sesay and James Davis will be along with him.

Battle seems like he could burst and commit at any time now, so make sure you stay right here at Top Stories