Tigers Regroup Monday

The Clemson Tigers returned to practice Monday afternoon to prepare for the first road game of the season this Saturday against Texas A&M. As always, CUTigers.com has the latest, live from Clemson University.

Morale of the Team?
After Saturday's crushing defeat to Georgia Tech, the mood of the team was naturally down this afternoon at practice. Nevertheless, head coach Tommy Bowden mentioned several positives after reviewing the game film.

"It was a little down," said Bowden about his team. "But these guys have played really hard for two games, and we are further along (now) than we were last year.

"You look at our offensive line, we gave up no sacks. The running game, we averaged 8 yards per carry until the punt. The defense facing first and goal at the two gives up zero points, and there are a lot of things on top of that.

"There were a lot of positives," added the sixth year head coach.

Duane Coleman Update
Running back Duane Coleman has moved from a yellow jersey to a green jersey in practice, but don't count on seeing him play versus the Aggies on Saturday.

According to Bowden, Coleman won't even experience contact work until later this week and was essentially held out of practice on Monday. "I think the first day we are going to test him with some contact will be Wednesday," said Bowden.

Coleman is officially listed as questionable for Saturday, but with the newfound success of Reggie Merriweather and Kyle Browning, it may be easier for Coleman to wait another week.

"Saturday was the first time in six years where we had two backs go for that kind of yardage," said Bowden of his second and third team backs. "So that could be a good problem to have."

Defending the Jump Ball
With the success of Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson and Wake Forest's Jason Anderson catching the jump ball the last two weeks, there has been natural concern about defending the same play heading into Saturday's game against Texas A&M.

When asked how he thought his defense could defend that play better near the endzone, Bowden said it's very difficult to provide help for his corners in those situations.

"I don't think you can down there because if you gave both corners help over the top, then you are in trouble," said Bowden.

"That's four on two. We had that discussion during the game. When you have four on two, then you have seven on seven blocking and nobody's got the quarterback. Then you can get into trouble."

Parting Shots
Bowden wouldn't name any changes on the depth chart, but he did suggest that there may be some announcements later in the week...specifically several players on the second team positioning themselves more playing time...DT Cory Groover is listed as questionable for Texas A&M with a sprained ankle...DE Charles Bennett is also listed as questionable.

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