Franchione Comments on Tigers

Clemson runs the no huddle offense, is that a serious concern for your defense and how you bring in substitutions and call in plays?
Franchione: It makes you be on your toes and with your communication. With the new rule the way it is, the official is supposed to stand over the ball and make sure the other team has the opportunity to substitute. Hopefully that's going to work to our favor right now. I haven't seen a lot of change in that this year, but this could be a game where that comes into play.

Offensively, you ran the ball a little more against Wyoming last week. Is that something you plan on continuing to do throughout the year?
Franchione: Not necessarily. I think we are probably be more 60-40, 50-50 this year. It was a just a game where we could control the line of scrimmage. We never did put ourselves in a bad position offensively and hurt our defense. As the year goes on, I think you'll see us more 50-50.

You've talked about Clemson's athleticism in the past, what else concerns you about Clemson heading into Saturday's game?
Franchione: Offensively, the quarterback is excellent. They are rotating about three running backs and they are all very productive. The keep the field pretty spread on you in the no huddle. That's always something you have a little concern for going into the game, and matching up with their players athletically. Wake Forest scored 30 and Georgia Tech scored 28 but everybody has to work really hard against them to score points.

How did you feel about Reggie McNeal's performance Saturday against Wyoming, even playing with that bandage on his hand?
Franchione: I think Reggie did very well. He might have played as good a game as he's played since I've been here. I didn't see any problems for him in dealing with the game. Top Stories