Quick Hits with Chansi Stuckey

Clemson wide receiver Chansi Stuckey knows all about the tradition at Texas A&M, but he's looking to start a tradition of his own as he settles into his role as a wide receiver.

Chansi, can you as a player take anything away from last year's game against Wake Forest this week? Is this the same type of scenario that you guys faced last year after the Wake Forest game?
Stuckey: Yeah, in some ways they are very similar, but the Wake Forest game was a lot later on in the season. I think that's the biggest difference between then and now. I know right now that we've got nine games left so everybody's looking up and working hard. We'll be alright.

Is this game even more important considering that you've got two more games on the road directly after it?
Stuckey: Yeah. I think it will help us a lot if we can get a win playing in their place because it's such a difficult place to play. Then we've got to go to Tallahassee and we know that's a tough place to play so we need to start it out here this weekend with a win.

Georgia Tech really limited your production last week. What did they do to limit you?
Stuckey: They just played a lot of cover two, or cover two man and kept their safeties in the middle of the field. They did a pretty good job with their scheme.

What have you heard about the environment at Texas A&M?
Stuckey: I just expect that their fans will be in it the whole game. You know, whether they win or lose, we expect their fans to be loud. We are expecting it to be really hard to hear. It's something we have to prepare for. It's time for us to get on the road, and it would be real big for us to win down there.

How would you characterize the mood of this team right now?
Stuckey: I think just about everybody has recovered. Everybody's anxious to get back out in practice and watch film and just prepare for the game this weekend. We just want to go out there and take care of business.

How hard is it not to just go over in your mind what happened last weekend against Georgia Tech?
Stuckey: It's very, very hard because we were so close. We lost that game in the closing seconds but there were a lot of things that happened throughout the game that caused that outcome: a couple of first downs, a couple of catches. We lost as a team, so we just have to go out there this week and try to get back on track.

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