Quick Hits with Tommy Sharpe

From just watching the Texas A&M defense on film, what comments can you make about what you've seen?
Sharpe: I think the first thing you notice is that they are really big and physical. They play pretty aggressive and have good athletes.

Lot of players have been talking about the environment this week out at Kyle Field. What do know about the fans and the traditions at A&M on game day?
Sharpe: I'm sure it's going to be a hostile environment with a lot of fans that really want to see their team win. It's a lot like playing at Florida State, playing at Miami, or Georgia. Any place where you've got 80,000 people in there you know that it's going to be noisy, it's going to be loud, and it's going to be intense. That's how I like it.

Have you talked to Geoff Rigsby at all this week about what happened against Georgia Tech?
Sharpe: Well, hopefully he's not even thinking about it. I can relate to him because I was a long snapper, and that's every longsnapper's nightmare. But again, that's only one snap out of how many that's he snapped perfectly? Everybody messes up, it happens. You know, if the offense had gotten the first down, it never would have happened anyway. Unless you played perfect that game, then you contributed to the loss, and you can't dispute that.

Can you take away anything from last year's Wake Forest game in preparing for a game this week after a tough loss?
Sharpe: That's what coach Bowden talked about in meetings this week, is that we've been here before. We've had some big wins, we've had some big losses and last week was a big loss. We had an opportunity to win the game and we didn't. Life goes on. It's not the end of the world. We've still got a whole lot of football to play.

Coach Bowden has a 9-1 record at Clemson after a loss of seven points or less. Is there anything specifically that you can attribute that to?
Sharpe: I don't know. I just think it's sort of the opportunity maybe. Some weeks you win, some weeks you lose. We don't do anything different from week to week. Maybe that's it. Maybe it's because we don't buckle under the pressure of having to win. You know, life goes on. We really don't discuss it much and you just try to focus on the positive things of the game like we ran the ball well last week as opposed to the fact that we lost the game.

Does Coach Bowden really keep the team from getting too high or two low after wins and losses?
Sharpe: Oh yeah. After Florida State last year, we prepared the same. The coaching staff did the same exact things that week as they did the week before. And that's that thing. You have to realize that in a football season, you are going to have highs and you are going to have lows. You can't just take your mood off that week, because things are always going to be different the next week. You just have to forget about what's happened in the past and focus on the next game.

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