Bowden: "Poorest Performance By Far"

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talked Sunday about the Tigers' loss to Texas A&M and what direction the team will go from here in preparing for Florida State.

New Kicker
After Stephen Furr missed an extra point Saturday against Texas A&M, there was little doubt that a new starting placekicker was going to be named headed into next weekend's game against Florida State.

Tommy Bowden confirmed that on Sunday when he named Jad Dean the starter.

"It's kind of like the reason we are playing Reggie and Kyle. Jad has kicked really good on kick offs and deserves the chance," said Bowden.

Several Concerns
After giving up over 500 yards of total offense against the Aggies, Bowden said that stopping the run is one of several primary concerns three games into the season.

"I'm getting concerned about being able to stop the run," said Bowden. "We need to be able to sustain more drives than what we are, offensively. Missed tackles, I'm a little concerned. We had more missed assignments than tackles. This was our poorest performance by far."

Scaling Back?
After scoring just six points Saturday night, Bowden said that he will scale back the game plan on both sides of the ball going forward.

"What I have to do now is go back to the fundamentals," Bowden said. "What we are taking into the game, obviously we can't execute it. I think that's the same on both sides of the ball. We had some more missed assignments this week than we've ever had. I think both sides of the ball we will (scale back).

"We are doing a little bit better job offensively, than we are defensively, but we aren't doing a real good job defensively."

Parting Shots
Tommy Sharpe, Justin Miller, Leroy Hill will be the captains for the FSU game...Bowden said that heat was not a factor in his team's performance...the temperature on the field at kick off was 115 degrees Saturday…Bowden said that several first team spots could be up for grabs this week, particularly on defense...Yusef Kelly will be back Saturday against FSU...Bowden said that Reggie Merriweather, Travis Pugh, and Justin Miller (on special teams) played the best Saturday night after reviewing film...Bowden also said that he would look into a possible sixth year of eligibility for Vontrell Jamison. Top Stories