Tigers Maintain Top Three Status

Roderick Battle has quickly risen to become one of the south's top defensive linemen this season. He is right on the edge of reaching double figures in sacks and has helped lead his Douglass team to a 3-1 record.

Battle has had three teams in his mind for quite a while and planned to make his decision some time in September. Is that still the case or has he decided to wait a little longer?

"I plan to wait and take a few visits now," said Roderick Battle. "All of the bad weather and us playing a lot of Saturday games have messed up my plans."

So, who is still in the running for Mr. Battle?

" Georgia, Auburn and Clemson are still my top three. Georgia and Auburn are slightly in the lead."

"I wanted to go to a game at all three schools before deciding, and now that is not going to be possible for a while. I went up to Clemson for their opener against Georgia Tech. Then, I was supposed to be at Auburn last weekend for the LSU game, but Hurricane Ivan messed that up. Our game was cancelled last Friday night and moved to Saturday afternoon. Last, I had planned to be in Athens for Georgia's game against LSU on October 2nd, but our game against Stephenson has been moved to that date. All of that has pretty much put my recruiting and commitment on hold for now."

With the problems getting to games, when does Battle plan to have his decision?

"Not sure…I am going to wait a little while longer. I would like to see each team play in person. I now plan to be at Georgia for their Tennessee game (October 9) and after that, I am not sure."

It looks like Auburn, Georgia and Clemson will be Battling it out a little longer for this highly recruited Georgia Prep Star, but if any news were to break, then we would have it for you right here at TheInsiders.com

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