Quick Hits with Justin Miller

Clemson cornerback Justin Miller talks about the big game this weekend, and also reflects back on last week's loss at Texas A&M, in this report.

Justin, did the crowd play a factor in last week's game against Texas A&M? Does the crowd effect how you guys play on the road sometimes?
Miller: I think it can, it can. But for the most part it call comes down to execution. We have to execute. The bottom line is that we didn't do all the little things.

Excecution is something you talk about a good bit, but how do you, Justin Miller, execute?
Miller: The main thing is that you just learn from the little mistakes that hold you back. You have to make the right calls; you have to line up properly. You have to have everybody operating at full speed and playing at a high level.

Is it better that you are playing Florida State this week, a team that's nationally ranked and respected, instead of a team that maybe you wouldn't bring the same intensity against?
Miller: You know I don't think it's any better playing a team like that because you come out in each Saturday know that any team can play their best game and have the opportunity to beat you.

As a team, do you look ahead to some of the games coming up on the schedule? Obviously, you've got road games at FSU and Virginia coming up, but do you think about those games and sort of visualize where this season can go?
Miller: We are very knowledgeable of the schedule we've got ahead of us, but you can't really look at it like that. You have to take it week to week. You can't look past anybody and you have to take it week to week.

What's the mood on this team right now Justin?
Miller: Right now we are still trying to go out and accomplish things and reach our goals. We haven't lost our mindset of trying to reach our goals.

Is there any concern at all that things could get out of hand the next few weeks considering the opposition?
Miller: It can if we let it get that way. But I don't think that's the mindset of our team. The mindset of our team is to go out and execute and perform. We have a tough schedule but we have to go out there and play. That's part of college football.

Looking ahead to this week's game, does it help that you beat FSU last year in preparing for them this week?
Miller: Yeah, but this is a new Florida State team and this is a new Clemson team. We've got to go out and play each game one at a time.

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