McElrathbey Changes Favorites

Ramon McElrathbey, one of the top cornerbacks in the Southeast, continues to take unofficial visits to see his favorites. How has the list of favorites changed over the past few weeks? caught up with the Georgia standout, and we've got the latest on his recent visits and his current favorites.

ATH Ramon McElrathbey
5-11, 180, 4.5
Mays High School
Atlanta, Georgia

Who are your current favorites after taking a few unofficial visits?
Ramon McElrathbey: Clemson, Auburn and Maryland are on top right now.

Is Georgia Tech still one of your favorites?
Ramon McElrathbey: No, not any more.

Did you attend a college game this past weekend?
Ramon McElrathbey: I went to see Auburn play against LSU this weekend. It was another great game.

Where do you plan to visit over the next few weeks?
Ramon McElrathbey: I will probably go see Georgia Tech play Miami. I will also probably go see Auburn against Georgia.

How is your recovery coming from your injured ankle?
Ramon McElrathbey: I twisted my ankle in the first game. I've been playing on it since. I'm at about 85% right now.

How have you performed during your senior season?
Ramon McElrathbey: I am starting at corner but nobody is throwing my way. They haven't since the first game. I had an interception the first game. I've been limping around but nobody has thrown my way.

When do you expect to make your commitment?
Ramon McElrathbey: It will probably be towards the end of the season. It will be after I make about 3 official visits. After that I should have a better idea.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from Georgia, right up through signing day 2005. Top Stories