Bobby Bowden Quotes on Clemson

Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden talks about this week's Bowden Bowl VI. According to Bowden, some of the early luster of facing off against his son has quickly faded away.

Opening Comments
This week was so different from the previous two weeks of practice because we've had pretty weather and we haven't had a threat of a hurricane. We've had good practices. We are in pretty good shape coming out, and we expect to catch a Clemson team very much like we did last year, coming off a disappointing loss. I just feel like it will be another close, Florida State football game.

Thoughts on Chris Rix
He just needs consistency. That's all he needs is consistency. The first ball game, he didn't have a good game like I thought he would have, but you have to credit much of that to the University of Miami. The next ball game, he played much better. I think the key with him is will he get better every game? If he does, we should have a good year.

Bowden Bowl Losing Luster?
Well you know for the family, it's just not fun. You can picture a mother that's got a son that's got to win the ball game, and she's got a husband that's got to win the ball game. It's not as fun from that standpoint. From Clemson versus Florida State, it's still good. No, for the family, it's lost it's luster, or excitement from the early days.

Is Love-Hate Relationship with the Fans and Rix?
When I first came to Florida State, and we played ball, our fans had not learned to boo. They hadn't learned that yet Of course, the more successful you get, the more successful you get, they think they got to be like everybody else that's good and boo if you make a mistake. That's something that has just cropped up in the last three or four years. And Chris came on, we were having great success and so when he made a mistake, it was highly magnified. I hate to see it. He just needs to go in there and play perfect which nobody can do. Maybe our people will wake up one of these days.

Rix Leaving FSU Underrated?
I think that's still ahead of him. If he can end up with an excellent year, I know the way I would look at it would be that he's a typical quarterback. He didn't good his freshman year, did a little bit better as a sophomore, did a little better as a junior, and then his last year he played like a senior is supposed to play. He's still got time to do that and that's what I'm trying to tell the people here. He's still got time to do that. We've only played two ball games. We've got 11 or 12 ball games. Top Stories