Quick Hits with Bobby Williamson

Florida native Bobby Williamson returns to the Sunshine State this weekend.

Bobby you are headed back to your home state this weekend. Is this a big game for you personally?
Williamson: Yeah, I'm really excited. It seems like the family has been calling me everyday asking for tickets, but I'm excited to be going down there.

How many tickets do you have to get for a game like this?
Williamson: Right now it's about 12, but that's going to change. You never know until the last minute.

What is the mood like on this team right now?
Williamson: It's similar to what it was last year right after we lost to Wake Forest. That was a disappointing loss. We are going to into FSU, but we feel like we have a really good chance. We know what we have to do and we are trying to get back to fundamentals and just hit. We are just getting ready to in there and try to win.

Does it help you prepare for Florida State when you consider that last year you were able to beat those guys?
Williamson: You know, we try not to think about that like we did last year. There's a lot of teams last year that can beat you this year and vice versa. So we've kind of put last year behind us. It kind of helps us out that it was the first time in a few years that we beat them. But they've got a solid team, they can run the ball, and they have a pretty dominating defense, so we are just trying to focus and leave what happened last year behind us.

Was this team flat last week in College Station?
Williamson: Yeah, when you go back and watch the film, you see a lot of missed tackles, missed assignments, missed blocks on the offensive line. I'd say we had a pretty poor performance last week. We are just trying to put that behind us and fix all those mistakes that we had.

Is that more of a hangover from the Georgia Tech game? What do you think causes something like that?
Williamson: It's kind of hard because that's the first time this team has done this, this year. It's hard to put your finger on one thing. I'm sure it was a combination of many things but we didn't do something right. We went out there flat, we weren't concentrating. I have a feeling it was a lot of different things.

Okay, well then what do you do this week to try and prevent that from happening again?
Williamson: Focus. Watch a lot of tape. Get those MA's out. We can deal with a few missed tackles here in and there but those missed assignments can kill you. If one person is in the wrong gap then there's a seam, and there goes the ball. So the big thing is that we are really trying to focus on our assignments.

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