Clemson - FSU Photo Gallery I

Airese Currie doesn't bring in this reception, but pass interference was called.

Chief Osceola was literally bringing the heat.

Justin Miller lays the wood on Craphonso Thorpe

Charlie Whitehurst was fairly effective running the ball Saturday.

Tommy Bowden and Bobby Bowden talk before the start of the game.

Jamaal Fudge brings down Wyatt Sexton for a sack.

Could pass interference have been called on this jump ball to Kelvin Grant?

Mo Fountain brings down Leon Washington.

Charlie Whitehurst broke about five tackles on this play as it took seemingly the entire FSU defense to bring him down.

Travis Pugh applies the pressure to Chris Rix.

Kelvin Grant celebrates a Clemson touchdown with Curtis Baham.

One of the members of the Clemson Band takes a break.

See ya! Justin Miller takes it to the house for his second touchdown.

Chansi Stuckey gets the ball in his hands on a reverse.

Miller would have likely had another touchdown on this kickoff return, but his foot dragging on the ground tripped him up in the open field. Top Stories