Clemson - FSU Photo Gallery II was on the sidelines Saturday as the Tigers battled 8th ranked Florida State. Here's a look at the second round of images, including more shots of Charlie Whitehurst, Will Proctor, Justin Miller, and much more!<BR>

Airese Currie leads the way for Justin Miller.

Miller tries to hype up the Clemson crowd on a big third down play.

Charlie Whitehurst escapes for positive yardage on this quarterback draw play.

Another shot of Charlie in the pocket.

C.J. Gaddis celebrates his blocked punt that resulted in a safety.

Justin Miller romps to the endzone for another special teams touchdown.

The move of Bobby Williamson to defensive end seems to be a good one.

Charlie Whitehurst bowls over Antonio Cromartie on a big gain.

Cole Chason continues to havea strong year.

Whitehurst was brought down four times in the backfield Saturday.

Chansi Stuckey gets surrounded by a sea of garnet and gold.

Travis Pugh yells out instructions on this play.

Chief Osceola gets ready to lead the Seminoles out of the locker room.

Will Proctor gets in for his first pass attempt of his collegiate career. Top Stories