SC Prospects- Where Will They Sign?

Updates and projections on the top players in South Carolina including all the big names you want to know about: WR Troy Williamson, WR Kelvin Grant, OL Dustin Fry, DB Fred Bennett, DE Moe Thompson, OL Jabari Levey, and OL Chris White. As it stands now, most of these players will decide between the Tigers and Gamecocks. Our most extensive report to this date.

WR Kelvin Grant
"I really like Clemson (1-11), South Carolina (1-18) and Georgia (1-25)," said Grant. "I will visit Maryland (1-4) and hope to squeeze a visit in to Penn State. I hope to make a decision after the Georgia visit but I do not want to rush it."

Grant is probably the one receiver in the state that could step in and play as a true freshman on the next level. That might hurt the Tigers' chances a little, but every possible indication is that will choose the Tigers anyway. Interestingly enough, Grant roomed with Troy Williamson (SC lean) during the week of the Shrine Bowl and reportedly the two got along very well.

Projection: Clemson

DB Fred Bennett
Bennett absolutely shined during the week of the Shrine Bowl, with many scouts noticing his ability to catch the football.

"My three favorites are Clemson, South Carolina, and North Carolina," said Bennett in a recent interview.

Clemson has already made an in home visit with Bennett last week and he's also receiving a lot of calls from South and North Carolina. Before its all said and done, sources say he'll announce that he's going to be a Tiger.

Projection: Clemson

DE Moe Thompson
Thompson has officially narrowed his list down to two schools- South Carolina and North Carolina. It appears that Clemson is now out of the equation. His family wants him to stay close to home, so he may be South Carolina's to lose.

"I am not considering Clemson or Florida State at this point," said Thompson in an interview yesterday. Moe was named Mr. Football in South Carolina 2 weeks ago.

Projection: South Carolina

WR Troy Williamson
"My top 5 are USC, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Georgia and Tennessee," Williamson says. "I will visit Clemson on January 11th, USC on January 18th and I'm going to try to visit the other three schools if I can make room."

Williamson has been a reported lean to South Carolina and that still remains true today. Clemson has creeped back into the picture now that Coach Pough has left USC to become the head coach at S.C. State.

Projection: South Carolina

OL Jabari Levey
Levey is a hard lean to South Carolina with Tennessee and Florida State entering the picture. It appears that Clemson will not be a factor down the stretch.

"I will visit Tennessee (1/11), South Carolina (1/18), North Carolina (1/25) and Florida State (2/2)," said Levey. "I may also visit Virginia if I have time."

Levey's stock has continued to rise and many experts have pegged him the top lineman in the state. This one will come down to Tennessee and South Carolina.

Projection: South Carolina

OL Dustin Fry
Fry's stock has fallen over the last couple of weeks, but he is still one of the strongest players in the southeast and one of the top 10 prospects in the state. He is scheduled to visit Maryland (1-4), Clemson (1-11) and South Carolina (1-25), and he's already been to North Carolina.

"It was a good visit," said Fry. "I do not have a favorite but North Carolina certainly moved up."

We caught wind of several rumors at the Shrine Bowl, and one of them was that he'll be coming to Clemson, mark it down now.

Projection: Clemson

OL Chris White
"I am leaning to South Carolina. I like the coaching staff, the campus, the school. I like South Carolina alot right now," White said in a recent interview. Sources say that Rick Stockstill is hard at work on what may be the most underrated prospect in the state and that serious progress is made. In fact, within the last 10 days, White has said that he is 50-50 between Clemson and South Carolina. It probably didn't hurt that White reportedly got along great with Fred Bennett and Dustin Fry at the Shrine Bowl.

Also, White's father was reportedly moving to Columbia but now has decided against it.

White is scheduled to vist Clemson (1-11) and South Carolina (1-18) and plans to schedule Maryland and Middle Tennessee State.

Projection: South Carolina Top Stories