Back to Basics

The Clemson Tigers returned to full pads in practice Wednesday and did some hard hitting in goal line situations. It was a chance for the team to return to basics.

"I wouldn't be doing this during the normal week preparation," head coach Tommy Bowden said. "The open date's the only time you get to go back and work on your true fundamentals…it's the rawest form of football. And you can't hardly work on that during the season."

Bowden said they will practice short yardage situations Thursday.

Following practice Bowden was asked to access the play of the offensive line to date.

"As you've seen, we've got a battle going on between Nathan Bennett and Roman Fry at guard; a battle going on where Barry Richardson has moved on in there," he said. "At right tackle, Marion Dukes was player of the game offensively last game, so he's gotten a little bit better. I think we're making some progress. But I would hope all those guys will keep doing what they're doing."

Bowden also said by the end of the season, he expects this group to be pretty solid.

A Disappearing Chansi
After a sensational first game of the season, wide receiver Chansi Stuckey has seen his numbers drop dramatically.

Against Wake Forest, Stuckey caught eight passes for 112 yards. But in his last three games, he's had a combined five receptions for 47 yards.

Bowden said the drop in production has nothing to do with Stuckey being double teamed. It's just a matter of the way the offense has flowed.

"They're probably a little more aware of him, but I haven't seen anything," Bowden said of defenses. "There's been nothing as far as double coverage or bracketing or things like that. They could be a little more aware of him, but I haven't seen them change their coverage."

Baham Gets Second Chance
Wide receiver Curtis Baham said he's really excited to be returning to the starting lineup after a three-week hiatus. He will replace Kelvin Grant in the lineup.

"I was a little disappointed I got benched, but I had no right to be," Baham said. "I had a horrible game the first game of the season against Wake. I didn't play my game and I'm trying to change that now. I've been working real hard in practice and have been playing well.

"The first game, I think it was just a little bit too much built up. It was my first time ever starting and I think I just pressed too hard instead of just letting the game come to me. But I've got that taken care of now.

"I'm expecting a huge game out of me and the rest of my fellas in the group. It's about time for us to have a breakout game. We've got too much talent in our corps to be playing like we're playing. I think we're really going to have a breakout game against Virginia." Top Stories