Injuries Limit Practice Thursday

Clemson's football team went through another hard day of practice Thursday in preparation for its primetime game a week from today at Virginia. Unfortunately, there were several players who were unable to practice due to injuries.

Junior defensive end Bobby Williamson, who has been the nicest surprise of the young season, didn't participate Thursday because of a sprained foot. Also not practicing were junior linebacker Lionel Richardson (strained neck), sophomore wide receiver Gerald McCloud (sprained foot), and fullback Cliff Harrell (facial infection).

"Whoever gets on the plane Wednesday gets on the plane," head coach Tommy Bowden said. "Nobody's out. We'll just have to wait and see how treatment goes. This is going to be a physical game. If they can't practice, I wouldn't put them out there."

Another Starting Running Back
For the fourth time in as many games, the Tigers will have a new starting tailback when they take on Virginia next week.

Junior tailback Duane Coleman, who broke his foot in early August, will get is first start of the season, Bowden said.

"I wouldn't say firmly entrenched," he said. "He'll start. And we'll play others."

Coleman said he was unaware of the changes until informed of him.

"It doesn't matter who's carrying the ball, we've just got to get it going," he said in an exclusive interview. "Whoever can get it done, let's just get it done, man. Three-game losing streak… everybody needs to improve on something. Let's just get it done.

"I just like to play, man. Football is my number one hobby. Unfortunately you can't play it all year long. You get 12 weeks of it. When I had to sit out, it was the toughest thing in the world for me. I'm just glad to be back.

"It was like a rollercoaster – you get up, you get down. During rehab you think you're never going to be the same."

Coleman added that he's a little more than 90 percent fully healthy.

Bowden also said that Jad Dean will still handle the placekicking.

Thursday Night's Alright
There are plenty of coaches and faculty at several universities around the country that absolutely hate playing games on Thursday night. They say it disrupts their routines as coaches and their classes as professors.

Bowden, however, doesn't mind it – just as long it's not very often.

"One a year, I don't mind," he said. "It's a nice recruiting tool."

But he admits that it's much tougher on the players than it is the coaches or instructors.

"The players will probably get back about 3 o'clock the morning and have class the next day, that's going to be difficult," he said. "That's hard. I don't know any professors that teach here that would get in at 3 o'clock in the morning and get up and go to an 8 o'clock class." Top Stories