Ruffin 100% with Clemson

Quentez Ruffin, one of the top offensive linemen in Florida, has been following the Tigers season very closely. Is the Florida native still firm with his commitment to the Tigers? spoke with the prize recruit, and we've got the latest on his commitment to the Tigers and his senior season.

OL Quentez Ruffin
6-4, 290, 5.1
Leon High School
Tallahassee, Florida

The 6-4, 290 pound prospect wanted to make it clear that he is very firm with his commitment to the Tigers. "Yes sir, I am 100% committed to Clemson," said Ruffin in an interview with

"I did an interview a couple of weeks ago and said some things out of frustration. I sat down and thought about it and talked to people that cared about me. I decided there is not a better place for me academically or a place for me to be. I am looking forward to some early playing time."

Ruffin is having an outstanding senior campaign for Leon High. "We are 2-2 right now. We lost a very close game to Lincoln and another close game. I have graded out at 88% for the first 4 games.

"I went to the Clemson and Florida State game. It was a good game. Clemson had a lot of opportunities to win. They showed what caliber team they have. They have a few small things to work on and they will be fine. They dropped two touchdown passes and they had too many turnovers," said Ruffin.

The talented lineman has watched the Tigers closely during the first four games of the season. "I will be watching the game Thursday night. I've watched every one of the games so far this year. The only one I didn't watch the whole game was Texas A&M."

Quentez and his family survived several hurricanes over the past few weeks. "Considering we were always suppose to get hit we made it okay. We are okay except we have some work to do. We have some limbs to pickup and a lot of racking to do. We have to bag up everything."

The Leon High standout talked with the Clemson coaching staff over the weekend. "I talked to Coach Swinney yesterday. I also gave coach Blackwell a call yesterday. I just wanted to touch base. I haven't talked to him since this summer."

When asked what his goals are for the rest of his senior season, Ruffin responded, "I'm really looking forward to getting better every week. Last year we made it to the playoffs. I want to be one of the leaders that takes the team further this year."

The Florida prospect will travel to Death Valley later this season to see the Tigers. "I had hoped to come up for the Georgia Tech game but we had our game moved because of the hurricane. I will be coming up for South Carolina."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding offensive lineman from Florida, right up through signing day 2005. Top Stories