C.J. Byrd Back from Athens

C.J. Byrd of North Augusta, South Carolina got back into action this week on the gridiron and also hit the road for an unofficial visit to Georgia. How did Byrd's first game back from injury go, and what did he think of the Georgia defeat over LSU?

ATH C.J. Byrd
6-3, 184, 4.5
North Augusta High School
North Augusta, South Carolina

"I had eight catches for over 100 yards," C.J. Byrd said.

"I am not sure on the amount of tackles I had from my safety position, though.

How did the ankle hold up after being out for almost three games?

"It is pretty sore, but that is what I expected. It will be that way for a little while, so it is nothing I wasn't prepared for."

How did Byrd enjoy his second trip to Athens this Fall?

"It was as nice as the first one was. Everything was really about the same. I got to talk to Coach Fabris before the game and then Georgia beat LSU pretty good. The crowd was very loud and the atmosphere was a little different from the Marshall game I went to earlier this year."

Is Byrd ready to name a leader?

"No sir…It is still the same five schools. Georgia, USC, Florida, Clemson and Florida State are the schools I am considering. I will take my visits and decide around the season's end."

Byrd could play safety or wide receiver on the next level and be successful at either one. Does Byrd have a position preference and what position are his favorites recruiting him at?

"My preference would be whatever gets me on the field quicker. Georgia wants me as a safety, Florida State says athlete and the others want me at receiver. I am fine with either position."

Does Byrd have plans for this upcoming weekend?

"I will be at either Florida for the LSU game or Georgia for the Tennessee game. I am not sure yet."

Byrd would like to take all official visits before the season is over and make his decision around the end of his season. Make sure you stay tuned to TheInsiders.com for up to date coverage on the National Hot 100 prospect.

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