Quick Hits with Chansi Stuckey

Clemson WR Chansi Stuckey talks about the Virginia game.

What is it going to take to turn things around this year? What will it take against Virginia?
Stuckey: Basically just minimize turnovers on offense and try to get them on defense. That's the big thing the coaches have been emphasizing the past two weeks. We just need to get a couple of turnovers to take points off the board and put them on ours. As we get turnovers we will have to execute pretty good. That's the biggest thing going in to the Virginia game.

Did the open date really come at a good time? Did you guys have time to reflect on what's happened and try to work on things such as turnovers?
Stuckey: Yeah, I think it came at a perfect time. We had a chance to see how close we are, if we had made a couple of plays here and there and hadn't turned the ball over. We've been right there in every game we are just hurting ourselves a lot.

As far as the Virginia game last year Coach Bowden talks about it being a very physical game and he expects the same sort for the game Thursday night. Is that something you think about when you think about playing Virginia? Are they more physical than other teams you play in the ACC?
Stuckey: They have a lot huge players, 6-7, 6-8 all across the board. They are going to be real physical just like last year. When watching the game from last year upfront they are really physical both offensively and defensively. We are going to just go out and try to match the intensity.

Offensively, how do you guys try to find a rhythm? It seems like you guys have been kind of out of sync at times this year. Is that something you guys have tried to address in practice this week?
Stuckey: A little bit. I think we are going to try to run the ball a little more and try to balance it out to keep the defense from getting a knack for what we are trying to do. So we will balance it out pretty good this week.

Do you think that involves getting the ball into the hands of the running backs more? It seems like they have abandoned the run a little early this year.
Stuckey: Well, it's either Charlie running or the running back running. They have been putting a lot of guys in the box so we have to throw the ball. That's been the case most of the time this year.

It seems like some of the guys on the team and the coaches are surprisingly upbeat. There doesn't seem to be a tremendous sense of urgency, but everyone seems like they think you are going to be able to turn things around. What do you attribute that to?
Stuckey: Just the coaches and everybody. We are watching film. Everybody knows just how close we are. Like I said earlier, we are watching film and there is a turnover here and there and some turning it over inside our red zone. We know how close we are to turning this thing around. Hopefully we will start that this week.

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