Billie Anxious to Start

Clemson linebacker Tramaine Billie talks about his first start on Saturday against Utah State.

Tramaine, I know you've got to be excited about starting this weekend, even under the unusual circumstances of starting due to Eric Sampson's injury. Can you talk about what's been going through your mind this week as you get ready for Saturday's game?
Billie: I'm really excited it and I've just been focusing in on my responsibilities this week. Hopefully, I'll be ready to start this Saturday against Utah State.

Eric Sampson has been the starter at the Whip LB position forever it seems like. Has he sort of taken you under his wing since you've been here at Clemson?
Billie: Yeah I think so. He's showed me a lot of the little things. Especially when you look at the responsibilities, and reading the run or the pass. I've always appreciated him for that.

What do you think the biggest difference is between last year and this year on this team right now?
Billie: I think last year we had a better eye for the football. I think we may have wanted it a little bit more. The thing is, I feel like we'll get that back this year. I think we'll want it more like we did last year. Hopefully, we've got that kind of run in us.

You came to Clemson last year with a lot of accolades out of Dreher High School as a running back, then you got moved to defense. Is that a move that you've been pleased with so far?
Billie: I'm very happy on defense. I mean, I love carrying the ball as well, but I love contact, and I love to hit. I've found a home on this defense. The only way you'll see me carrying a ball again at Clemson is if I get an interception.

A lot of players were talking today about needing to go 5-1 to get to a bowl game. Is that something you as a player are thinking about
Billie: I think we are trying to take one game at a time and worry more about Utah State. We are just anxious to get another win. They are a very good team, but we really need this win Saturday.

Is it important that you not only win, but win convincingly Saturday?
Billie: Yeah, we need to show what it's like to play Clemson football again. On offense, and on defense. No disrespect to Utah State, but we need a win. Top Stories