Receivers Banged Up

CLEMSON – The Clemson football team had a regular practice Tuesday evening, but at least one notable player failed to partake in any of the drills.

Sophomore wide receiver Chansi Stuckey is still nursing a bad hamstring and did not practice. His status for Saturday is very questionable.

"Obviously, the closer it gets (without him practicing), the percentages go down every day," Tigers head coach Tommy Bowden said.

Stuckey said he injured his hamstring against Virginia in the fourth quarter.

"My leg was pretty tight and I was running and I just felt it pop," Stuckey told in an exclusive interview. "It's not as bad as I thought it was."

Assuming Stuckey doesn't play, which there seems to be very little reason to risk injuring his hamstring worse, there are any number of options the Tigers can use to fill his void.

But with sophomore wide receiver Gerald McCloud still hampered by a severely bruised foot, which caused him to be on crutches for a while, the receiving corps is getting pretty thin.

"We're looking for a few good men," wide receivers coach Dabo Swinney said. "We're getting ready to start the draft around here. I've been paying attention to the debates and we're getting ready to start it. We've got who we got, and we'll have some guys ready. …

"It's disappointing for (McLoud) because he missed a great opportunity last week and this week. He's missed an opportunity to really get some work, especially now with Stuckey maybe not playing.

"(Curtis) Baham, La'Donte (Harris) and Airese (Currie), all three know our slot positions. We'll game plan and decide who is going to play the ‘Y' and who is going to play the ‘H'. Airese can pretty much play either one. You'll probably see Donte a little more this week, if he's ready for that. Michael Collins played a little last week and he'll probably have to play a little more this week."

Mirror Image?
If you would have told even the most casual of football fans prior to the start of the season that Clemson and Utah State's stats would be almost mirror images of each other, they most likely would have been at least somewhat surprised.

Bowden is no different.

"Unless you said that you were going to lead the nation in turnovers," he said. "If you would have said that, then it's no wonder. But it doesn't surprise me with the way the first four games went. I never would have thought that I would have been last in the nation in turnovers. It's going to affect your stats offensively and defensively."

Granted, Utah State (2-4) hasn't played nearly the same competition as the Tigers, but it has played some pretty decent teams, including Alabama when its starting quarterback was healthy, Utah and Troy, which beat Marshall and a ranked Missouri.

Here's a breakdown of where each team stands nationally out of 117 Division I school:

Rushing offense – Clemson 111, Utah State 115

Passing offense – CU 66, US 41

Pass efficiency off. – CU 109, US 87

Total offense – CU 105, US 98

Scoring offense – CU 92, US 99

Rushing defense – CU 105, US 108

Pass efficiency def. – CU 63, US 104

Total defense – CU 94, US 83

Scoring defense – CU 93, US 98

Turnover margin – CU 117, US 99 Top Stories