Stamper Wants to Commit?

Jacksonville standout Ryan Stamper, who suffered an injury this week, would like to go ahead and commit, but he can't make his final decision. Who are the current leaders for the talented linebacker? has the latest in this recruiting update.

The 6-foot-3, 210 pound prospect had is having a great senior season, but it may be cut short because of a recent injury. "The game before I had 21 tackles. I broke my thumb this week in the first quarter but I kept playing and had 11 tackles," said Stamper in an interview with

"The doctor says I should not play any more this season, but I'm going to keep playing. They gave me a brace and told me to go pick out a cast. I don't want one. We just need one more win to make the playoffs."

When asked who his current favorites are, Stamper responded, "Auburn, Clemson and North Carolina State are my leaders. I like North Carolina a little bit. South Carolina is telling me they really need linebackers too."

Stamper is frustrated at how is senior season is finishing, and he would like to go ahead and make a commitment.

"If I knew where I was going I would commit right now. I'm ready to commit. I had a bad game Friday. I broke my thumb. The way the team is going we are falling apart. I'm just ready to say forget it. I just want to go ahead and commit. I will play hurt though because I want to help my team."

The Florida standout plans to take a few more visits. "I'm going to take a visit to North Carolina State and Auburn. After those visits I will make my decision. I may come up to Clemson for the South Carolina game."

"I have been to North Carolina and Clemson. Right now if I had to choose, it would be Clemson, but I haven't been to Auburn or North Carolina State."

Current Tiger commitment and First Coast teammate Paul Muse is working to get Stamper to join him in Tiger Town.

"He is working me," said Stamper. "What I like about Clemson is that I could play early. The crowd is unreal. Clemson is a football school. At North Carolina they are a basketball school first. The only thing I don't like about Clemson is there probably isn't much to do after football not much to do after season is over."

Stamper plans to check with another former teammate to find out more about Clemson. "I need to call Brandon Croley. I am going to get his number from Coach C and give him a call."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding linebacker from Florida, right up through signing day 2005. Top Stories