Williamson Ready to Show the Fans

Clemson defensive end talks about turning the season around.

Bobby, what have you seen from Utah State's offense that could potentially give you guys some problems on Saturday?
Williamson: They've got some team speed. They are really fast. Their linemen are not as tall, but they are very athletic, and very fast. Their running back, they can put him up in the slot a lot, and they also run a lot of screens. He's a real fast back with good hands out of the backfield. Obviously we haven't had a lot of success against screens this year. They also run a lot of formations and they are a real shifty team, so they can do some things on offense.

How great is it to be back at home this week and not having to travel for a game?
Williamson: It's great to be back here. We can't wait to show our fans how we can play, and how we know we can play, and how they know we can play. They were here for us last year with the good times, and they've been here for us through these tough times to start the year. We can't wait to come back and give them a win.

You always seem to be able to gage the mood of the team, or the mindset of the team. Are you guys in the circle the bandwagon mode?
Williamson: To be honest with you, we are just thinking that we've got to get No. 2. We've got to get some momentum. We are at the bottom. You know, even with us being favored is a big, big momentum changer just being favored like that. So, us going into this game and winning is what everybody's thinking about. That's what we need.

With all due respect to Utah State, it is important for you guys to not only go out there and win, but to go out and win convincingly Saturday?
Williamson: Our main goal is to win, but yeah we'd like to win convincingly, and yeah we want to go out and put something extra on it. We want to do that every game. We need to beat this team. We are really motivated to go out and beat this team. Nobody in the locker room is expecting us not to play well.

Up front on the defensive line, what do you guys need to do better as a unit to help this team win more games?
Williamson: Missed tackles. I think we had something like 20 missed tackles last week. We cannot miss tackles. When the back hits the hole, we've got two defensive linemen there and that's great, but we've got to wrap up and make the tackle. We cannot let running backs and quarterbacks break contain. We've got to box them in and turn them inside. Maintaining leverage and missed tackles, those are the two things we must improve on.

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