McKissic to Enroll in January!

Last February, DE Jacquez McKissic kept the Tigers and Wolfpack waiting for two weeks after national signing day before making a final decision to sign with Clemson.

DL Jacquez McKissic
6-7, 250, 4.8
Opelika High School
Opelika, Alabama

Now, after falling just short of qualifying, he appears to be set to enroll at Clemson later this winter. recently caught up with former Clemson signee to Jacquez McKissic, to get the latest on his qualifying status. When asked if he has now qualified to enroll at Clemson, McKissic responded, "Yeah, I am all set now. I will be able to start practicing in December."

The prize recruit plans to enroll in January and believes he will be able to participate in the bowl practices if the Tigers make a bowl appearance. "Yes, if the team makes a bowl game, I should be able to practice with the team. I hope to be able to."

The Alabama standout had an outstanding performance this summer as he helped lead the Alabama All-star team to a 24-22 victory over Mississippi. McKissic had a sack and an interception in the game and was one of the standout performers.

McKissic plans to work hard this spring so that he will have an opportunity to play next season. "I am disappointed because I think I could have really helped the team this year. I am hoping I can get a chance to play early though."

Although Jacquez could not be on the field to help his future teammates this season, he has been in attendance to support the team. "I have been to every home game so far this year. They should be able to turn things around, but I can't wait to join the team."

McKissic is one of at least two known prospects that hopes to be able to enroll at Clemson this January. Greenville native OL Cory Lambert also plans on enrolling in January.

As of late last week, those plans are still firm according to his mother. Top Stories