JackSmack: Issue #30

What's up Tiger fans? Are we getting excited for Monday? I think we rout Louisiana Tech, but with our defense, who knows. Woody Dantzler should be ready to breakout for his last game.

I can't wait.

This past week in the bowls, every game but one was an upset. Pitt ripped N.C. State behind WR Antonio Bryant. Probably good we didn't have to watch our DB's deal with him. I missed my pick of Southern Cal over Utah. What a bad game. I also missed my pick of the week as Alabama won, but didn't cover. The Yellow Jackets looked great whipping (11) Stanford. Makes you wonder about that Pac-10 and whether or not I want to hear another word out of Bellotti's mouth about winning that conference. By the by, I think Georgia Tech getting Chan Gailey is a very solid move.

Before I give you the rest of my college bowl picks, here are the good games left: (*--who I'd take)

Friday: (Holiday) Texas (-12) vs. Washington*

Sunday: (Humanitarian) Clemson* (-6 ½) vs. La. Tech

(Peach) UNC* (-2) vs. Auburn

Monday: (Cotton) Oklahoma* (-13) vs. Arkansas

(Outback) Ohio State (-1) vs. South Carolina*

(Gator) Va. Tech (-2 ½) vs. FSU*

(Citrus) Tennessee* (-3 ½) vs. Michigan

(Fiesta) Colorado* (-2 ½) vs. Oregon

(Sugar) LSU (-2 ½) vs. Illinois*

(Orange) Florida* (-16) vs. Maryland

(Rose) Miami (-9 ½) vs. Nebraska*

My bowl pick of this week is FSU (+2 ½). I also like Washington (+12), South Carolina (+1), and Nebraska (+9 ½) in the Rose.

On to Clemson hoops, where we are (8-4) after losing to Winthrop and beating Charleston Southern bad. This week, we play Friday @ Hartford and next Wednesday vs. Yale before we resume ACC conference play next Saturday versus Georgia Tech in Littlejohn.

Nationally in college basketball, there are some teams that got big wins last week.

Georgetown stayed closer to UVA than I expected, but the Cavs still got the win. Illinois looked solid over Missouri, and Kentucky rebounded nicely by pounding a good Indiana team. Also, I told you a few weeks ago that in the Big 12, everyone was talking Kansas and Missouri, but look out for Oklahoma. Well, they're even surpassing my expectations. They beat Maryland solidly last Friday for a big win.

This week, I got 4 pretty good games on Saturday: (*--who I like)

Louisville @ (8) Kentucky*

(12) Mich. St.* vs. (15) Stanford

(18) Georgetown @ (17) UCLA*

(19) Marquette @ (25) Wake Forest*

On to the NFL, where my picks last week went 3-0. Over the last 3 weeks, I am (7-2) and have hit seven picks of the week in a row. Last week, my pick of the week was the Bears. San Fran and the Jets also covered.

Last week, the Rams got to (12-2) getting by Carolina, but must keep winning to keep homefield advantage. The Steelers (12-2) smashed the Lions without Bettis, and need to win only one more to clinch homefield. That's because the Raiders (10-4) lost to the Titans last Saturday behind 3 missed field goals from Janikowski. Chicago kept its homefield advantage hopes alive (11-3) slipping by the Redskins. San Francisco is also at (11-3) after a solid win over (9-5) Philadelphia.

The Pack dominated Cleveland to get to (10-4), while New England (10-5) took the AFC East lead from Miami (9-5). The Ravens also got to (9-5) by rebounding against the Bengals and recording their 1st shutout of the year.

Tampa Bay (8-6) is now in the driver's seat for the last playoff spot in the NFC by crushing the Saints (7-7). The Bucs have 2 home games left: vs. Baltimore and Philadelphia. The They would have to lose both and the Saints win their last 2 for New Orleans to get in. They have 2 home games left as well: vs. Washington and San Francisco. Atlanta and the Giants would have to win their final 2 to have a shot. The Falcons play @ Miami and @ St. Louis. The Giants play @ Philadelphia and at home vs. Green Bay. In the AFC, it's all about positioning now, since Seattle blew its shot as they got beaten by the G-men. The Jets and Ravens would have to lose their final 2 to give the ‘Hawks a shot.

With the Jets (9-5) yet again on the bubble, here's my top ten: (last week's ranking in parentheses)

1) St. Louis (12-2) (1)
2) Pittsburgh (12-2) (2)
3) Chicago (11-3) (3)
4) San Francisco (11-3) (4)
5) Green Bay (10-4) (6)
6) Oakland (10-4) (5)
7) New England (10-5) (9)
8) Baltimore (9-5) (10)
9) Philadelphia (9-5) (7)
10) Miami (9-5) (8)

There are many important games this weekend. Here are the good ones: (*--who I'd take)

Sat: Baltimore* @ Tampa Bay (-1) (Big for both teams.)

Sun: Atlanta* @ Miami (-7) (Last shot for the Falcons.)

NY Giants @ Philadelphia* (-4 ½) (A huge game.)

Oakland* @ Denver (-1) (Oakland could lose 1st rd. bye with a loss here.)

Sun. Nt.: Washington @ New Orleans* (-5) (A must win for the Saints.)

Here are my picks this week. With 7 picks of the week hitting in a row, my pick of the week this week is San Francisco (-6) @ Dallas. I also like the Saints (-5) and St. Louis (-13 ½) vs. Indianapolis.

So enjoy the bowl games and the ending of the NFL regular season. Happy New Year.

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