USU - Clemson Photo Gallery II

Here's the second round of images taken by the from Saturday's 35-6 win over Utah State.<BR>

Cliff Harrell steamrolles a Utah State defender as Duane Coleman gets ready to scoot by.

Duane Coleman plows ahead for positive yardage.

There was much to cheer about on Saturday.

Trey Tate closes in for the sack.

Will Proctor and Clint LaTray get in the game late in the 4th quarter.

Michael Collins brings in one of his six catches.

Another shot of Collins on the same play.

Cory Groover continues to play well for the Tigers this year.

Travis Cox hears the footsteps of big Mo Fountain.

Another shot of the Homecoming Queen.

WR Chris Jefferson gets on the field for some playing time.

Jamaal Fudge brings in an interception in the first quarter. Top Stories