Friedgen "Embarrased"

From the smattering of boos by their own fans, to a sullen post-game locker room, Maryland has reached its lowest ebb under coach Ralph Friedgen.

"This is embarrassing," he said, following a 13-3 loss to North Carolina State, a game in which the Terps generated just 91 yards of offense.

"It's very embarrassing to not play better than that offensively. Another poor showing. We've got a lot of problems that haven't been solved."

What's worse, the Terps (3-3) now have a schedule that is unrelenting.

They must travel to Clemson, which crushed Utah State on Saturday. After that, Florida State visits. Trips to Virginia and Virginia Tech loom in November.

In other words, any hopes for a winning season are fading fast.

"I don't know," said Friedgen, when asked by reporters how his team might regroup. "Got any suggestions? I don't know. (Players) have to decide what they want to do."

Neither quarterback, starter Joel Statham or freshman Jordan Steffy, had any success. They combined for an incredibly low 24 yards passing.

"That's all I got," said Friedgen, in response to how the Terps might solve quarterback problems. "What do you want? Do you want me to manufacture one? I don't have one. I have two kids that are growing."

Friedgen confided that it's the worst period he's experienced in his entire football coaching career. His players have said they've never seen the coach so discouraged. It's not a good situation. Maryland is finding out the hard way that rebuilding a program is no quick fix and sometimes requires backward steps. Top Stories